Posted by: Cory | June 5, 2008

Ville Legal Art Show @ Derby City Espresso – 6/6

For this weekend’s Gallery Hop, Derby City Espresso will be holding its first ever Ville Legal Graffiti Art Show this Friday, June 6. The cleverly named Illegal Art show will feature the works of several Louisville graffiti artists, including Eddie Santiago, Lawson Rogers and Frank Martinez.

Since the Free Graffiti Project on Market Street dissolved a year ago, local graffiti artists have been looking for a place to show off their work (other than in our condo), so Derby City Espresso owner Matthew Landan hopes Illegal Graffiti will help fill that void. Matthew has already shown that he can bring in semi-subversive art with last year’s “Decked Out“, the skateboard exhibition, and this year’s Illegal Art Show intends to take it to the next level.

Landan said he thinks the show will help others to understand graffiti’s positive, artistic side. “It’s just as legitimate as painting with acrylic or brush,” he said. Personally, I couldn’t agree more.  I think that graffiti is, in many ways, the most relevant art form (other than music or theatre) in the world today.  Websites like the Wooster Collective frequently show the unparalleled talent of artists like Banksy or Swoon and countless others.  The cultural relevance is in large part the result of their accessibility.  Spend a half hour in Williamsburg, New York and tell me you don’t feel like you’re in a living, breathing art gallery, or tell me that this, the most amazing video in history, isn’t art.  People don’t appreciate Street Art primarily because they don’t understand it.  It’s amazing because these days in comes in so many forms, from tags to murals to transient light motion to fixed light to item placement.  In fact, I’ve been meaning to get around town and photograph some of the great street art we have in this city, one of the more comical ones being this one I had previous posted last year, but we’ve got the children on East Main Street, the monsterish face near Karma Cafe, the tags of Kurt Loder, and last year’s masterpiece, The Boxer.  However, whether you realize it or not, we show the work of Jeral Tidwell everyday on our banner above.  After the fall of the Free Graffiti Project, we contacted Jeral to decorate a 23’x11′ wall & he covered it beautifully.  An appreciation for street needs to be developed, but don’t exoect it to happen anytime soon in a city that prides itself on relative cleanliness and not to mention tax dollars don’t need to go into cleaning up all of the bad art that is out there…

To top the night off, our favorite DJz, Azns n Bnzs will be spinning.  Things start kicking at 6pm & all of it will be free.

(Thanks Aaron)



  1. hah nice quote, this should be pretty cool.

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