Posted by: Nick | June 2, 2008

Crucial Fun Fest III – Lexington, KY – June 6-8

The Crucial Fun Fest is back again with its third edition. It is going down all around Lexington this weekend, June 6-8. The venues include The Void Skateshop, Beaumont and Northside YMCAs and Third St. Stuff (next to Atomic Cafe). Tickets run $5 or $6 bucks per venue, so you can pick and choose, or hit all of them.

Ooh Da Lally (Louisville), Lords (Louisville), Delay (Ohio) and Real Live Tigers (Austin, TX) are my picks for the fest, but check out as much as you can. You can hear tracks from Defiance Ohio, Delay, Ghost Mice, Good Luck, Dave End, and Boogdish on Crucial Fun Fest’s Myspace page.

Real Live Tigers – Leave a Map
Real Live Tigers – This is Sometimes a Riverbed
Real Live Tigers – No Regrets



  1. I’m goin’ damnit.

  2. We highly recommend this fest!!! We heart Ooh De Lally, Good Luck, Ghost Mice, Defiance Ohio, and the Delay boys!!!!! Go Hank!!

  3. james eric is amazing too. vocally especially. but this is a great lineup all around

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