Posted by: Nick | May 29, 2008

VHS or BETA Takes 5 for Louisville

No series on Louisville musicians would be complete without dance rockers VHS or Beta.  In a city where punk dominated for years and years and solid indie rock abounds today, VHS or Beta is the cornerstone that makes the diversification complete.  Despite growing up and playing punk rock early on, their first Album, Le Funk, was very much a disco punk album with dance-floor ready tracks like Disco Paradise and Solid Gold.  From there the band began to better utilize Craig’s Robert Smith-like voice and began shifting toward rock music, first with the critically acclaimed Night on Fire, and culminating with 2007’s post-Zeke Bring on the Comets.  One of the greatest things about this band is that you can see them at the Nachbar one night and on a nationwide tour or television the next.  Also, they’re the reason my New york friends believe there might actually be a legitimate hipster scene in Kentucky. 

Bassist Mark Palgy took a few minutes to answer a few questions….

1. What neighborhood did you grow up in?

Mostly St. Matthews and the Highlands…I spent a brief amount of time in Hikes Point, but after attending Highland Middle School I stayed in the highlands where I met the music crowd.

2. When did you start playing together? Did you have a different band name?

We started in January of 1997. I don’t think we could agree on a name for a short time. Vhs or Beta was something we all liked — which was rare back then.

3. First show you played in Kentucky (plus any details you remember about it)?

We played in the basement of the house we practiced/lived in. It was Thunder Over Louisville and the house was downtown so there was some foot traffic around. Most of our friends showed up…we were really nervous.

4. First show outside of Kentucky…how did you book it?

I think it was Cincinnati at Sudsy Malone’s. We used to just book them ourselves.

5. Favorite Kentucky band (other than yours)?

DUH! My Morning Jacket!!!!!!


VHS Or Beta – “Can’t Believe A Single Word”
VHS Or Beta – “Forever”

Upcoming Shows

June 4 – Hi Fi Bar Melbourne
June 5 – The Zoo Brisbane
June 6 – The Factory Sydney, Australia
June 7 – Come Together Festival Sydney

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