Posted by: Cory | May 28, 2008

George Clinton, Los Lobos, JJ Grey & Mofro @ Waterfront Park – 7/4

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic (8:30pm), Los Lobos, JJ Grey & Mofro are going to be playing Waterfront Park on Friday, July 4th as part of the two-day Waterfront Independence Festival. If there could be a better way to celebrate the holiday, I don’t know what it could be.   George Clinton played an important part of my high school and college dance floor days, for better or worse, though I’ll never be able to groove like the 67 year young man singing the songs.  Combine that with Los Lobos and Mofro, and July 4th may well be the funkiest 4th I’ll ever have.

Unfortunately, it looks like you’ve got a choice to make though, because on that same night we’ve got another artist who takes most of us back to our youth with Weird Al Yankovic at Iroquois Ampitheatre.  Tought decisions in Louisville for the holiday, but I’ll most likely be making my way to the waterfront…

George Clinton – Atomic Dog
JJ Grey & Mofro – Florida
Los Lobos – Evangeline



  1. I heard all of these shows kicked ass. The setlist for JJ Grey & Mofro, as well as a download of the set, is posted on their fansite:

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