Posted by: Nick | May 9, 2008

Review: Brett Dennen @ Derby Fest -4/30

We are a little late in getting this one up, but better late than never. Brett Dennen came back to town for the second time this year (Brett Dennen was just here last month playing the Hard Rock Cafe) to help celebrate Derby Week with WFPK and crowd of people gathered at Waterfront Park. If I had to guess, most people there were to see Mason Jennings playing later that night, or just there to partake in the festivities. Brett came on stage to a luke warm applause and a few hoots from a largely seated audience. I was interested to see how Brett would perform in front of such a large audience, as I had only seen him in more intimate venues (i.e. The Dame and Hard Rock Cafe). A lot of his show revolves around interaction with the audiences and we were separated by a pit of 5-10 feet and a stage that was about 8 feet off the ground. It was clear that his visits to major festivals such as Langerado, SXSW and Coachella paid off because Brett was right at home on the large stage and looked just as comfortable as he did sitting in a chair in front of 20 people. Song after song the number of people standing and dancing increased until the entire area in front of the stage about 10 people back were on their feet. He made people laugh, clap, and sing-a-long. Of the three times I have seen him, this was my favorite. I’m glad so many people got the chance to see Brett and hopefully become a new fan. Brett has shown that he likes to play in Louisville, so I don’t doubt that he will be back. The video below turned out really well (minus my shaky hand…think Blair Witch Project), so check it out for a taste of the performance…

Brett Dennen- Ain’t No Reason

Brett Dennen -“She’s Mine” (plus a few comments on the Derby festivities)

More pics below the break…

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