Posted by: Cory | April 29, 2008

Rob Carpenter (of The Muckrakers) Top 5 Things About Louisville

Rob Capenter of The Muckrakers listed the top 5 things he loves about Louisville.  While I’m sure Backseat Sandbar would have been 6th on the list, the 5 he gave were pretty important things that make this city great, including the Derby & this certain little theatre we have.  You can read the entire list & his reasons why on Rob’s MySpace blog.


  1. Good list and I agree with almost all of it. But Louisville is not the 17th largest city in the US. We try to cheat up the rankings by including the suburbs through the Metro merger. But a true apples to apples comparison — metropolitan area to metropolitan area — we’re 42nd.

    Also, I love the library here, but the library here is way, way, way underfunded. They try hard, but the system is pathetic. And it’s a shame that Louisville voters fell for the snake oil of “we can expand the libraries for free” bull**** our local Republicans pushed last year.

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