Posted by: Nick | April 25, 2008

Forecastle Line-up Finalized: Disco Biscuits, The Photographic and More Added!

With three months to go before the Forecastle Festival in Louisville, the line-up is finalized and is twice as big as last year’s fest!! We have been reporting confirmed bands for the fest as we have heard about them. The updates that I see are Disco Biscuits, The Del McCoury Band, Z-Trip, The Photographic, Delvin & Darko of Spank Rock, Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, and All We Seabees. This is on top of an already amazing line-up including Method Man, Dr. Dog, Catfish Haven, Ferdinand Fox, The Seedy Seeds, Snowden, Unwed Sailor and a TON MORE. The line-up speaks for itself, this festival is going to be amazing! The dates for this year’s Forecastle are July 25-27th. For more about the event, check out an interview we did with JK back in February, as well as the official website for Forecastle 2008.

You can get your tickets starting next Wednesday, April 30th at Ear x-tacy.

See below for the complete line-up and all the festival has to offer…



  • Alexis Culver
  • Emily Detrick
  • Russell May
  • Jessica Riordan
  • McKinley Moore
  • Michele Korfhage
  • Michael Koerner
  • Monica A. Vincent
  • Mary K. Norman
  • Susan Kehr
  • Pat Collins
  • Ryan Goff
  • Terry Tap
  • Walter Early
  • Meredith Carr


  • Appalachian Trail Conservancy
  • Earth First!
  • Mountain Justice Summer
  • Sierra Club
  • Dogwood Alliance
  • Southern Energy Network
  • Earthsave
  • Carbonfund
  • Headcount
  • Buckeye Forest Council
  • Kentucky Trails Association
  • Ohio River Foundation
  • RESULTS Global Grassroots
  • Kentucky Heartwood
  • National Council of Churches’ Eco-Justice Program
  • Ohio Valley Creative Energy
  • Kentucky Waterways Alliance
  • Kentucky Resources Council
  • Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
  • Community Farm Alliance
  • Valley Watch
  • Olmsted Park Conservancy
  • Breaking New Grounds
  • Future Fund
  • UK Green Thumb
  • Bicycling for Louisville
  • Caldwell Eco-Center
  • Cultivating Connections
  • Urban Seeds
  • Bike Couriers Bike Shop
  • Slow Foods Bluegrass
  • Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center
  • CART


  1. The line-up looks awesome this year. What’s weird though is that I read on Paradigm’s website that they’re supposed to be performing, but I don’t see them on the line-up. Seems odd. I hope it’s some kind of mistake (meaning I hope Paradigm is performing).

  2. Ah…it seems the line-up wasn’t quite final after all. If you check out the Forecastle website, they’ve now added a handful of new bands (like Paradigm and Backyard Tire Fire) since last week.

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