Posted by: Cory | April 23, 2008

Dawn Landes Takes 5 for Kentucky

Dawn Landes is a singer-songwriter living in New York these days, but just a few years ago she was living in KY, playing guitar and dreaming of becoming a full time musician.  Since then, that dream has come true.  In the last few years she has supported a number of different artists with wildy contrasting styles whose eye she caught with her incredible stage presence, beautiful lyricism, and sheer technical abilities including Jose Gonzalez, Suzanne Vega, Le Tigre, Rainer Maria, Andrew Bird, Feist, M83, Jane Siberry and Shannon Wright.  In February, we saw Dawn playing with Will Hoge and Jason Isbell, and next up she will be touring with Peter Bjorn & John, whose “Young Folks” she covered in a very well-received bluegrass style.  She’s  coming back to KY to Whitesburg’s Summit City on May 16th.  Dawn is a perfect example of a Louisville musician making a name for herself, and while she’s living in New York, she’ll always be a Louisville girl to us….


1. What neighborhood did you grow up in?

Well, I was born in Southern Indiana (near Evansville) but went to highschool at Ballard in Louisville… I lived around Brownsboro Ln for a few years and then downtown, near the Rudyard Kipling for about a year.

2. When did you start playing? Did you have a different band name?

I started playing guitar in highschool…I sang in a few bands, and tried my hand at an all-girl-band too.

3. First show you played in Kentucky (plus any details you remember about it)?

I’m pretty sure it was either Dessert Theater at my highschool or an open-mic at the Rudyard Kipling. Both were equally terrifying and awesome.

4. First show outside of Kentucky…how did you book it?

Hm, well I remember my first out-of-town show in Kentucky, which was in Bowling Green. I remember it was in a bar and I was opening for some friends who drove me up there and snuck me in so I could play.
When I moved to NYC to go to college I started playing open mics there…

5. Favorite Kentucky band?

Gotta say My Morning Jacket, I really love their sound.


  1. OMG. Dawn Landes is SO my new fave gal! My BF and I have both been digging on her cds…Live at Schubas, Fireproof, and Dawn’s Music. I ADORE her. PLEASE come back to Louisville soon…I’m in my own “PRIVATE LITTLE HELL” until then….. (smile)

  2. saw her with hoge and isbell. that gal can rock out. but where is “whitesurgs city summit”?

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