Posted by: Nick | April 20, 2008


It is probably too late for this forum, but I have had a number of people call and e-mail inquiring about how to get their hands on a ticket to tonight’s SOLD OUT Iron and Wine show at Headliner’s. If you have tickets and you want to get rid of them, post a comment with the number of tickets you have, price and how a fan in need can get a hold of you.

On a side note, I will share with you my most memorable scalping experience. I needed a ticket to a sold out Phish show at Denver’s Fiddler’s Green Amp. Face value of a ticket was around 40 bucks and I was in a tight spot, so I was willing to go higher. After asking countless passers-by if they had an extra, I finally found someone with a spare. The guy was the epitome of a Phish fan…dreaded out, tie-dye shirt, mellowed-relaxed voice and surrounded by a certain aroma. I asked him if he would take $40 for it, but he said, “Naw…$30.” When I said I only had two twenty dollar bills, he responded, “$20 is fine.” It was the most spectacular form of negotiation I had ever seen.

Iron & Wine- Boy with a Coin


  1. Hah!

    Nick, thanks for sharing that story; it totally brightened my day.

  2. Takes me back to one of my early Phish shows at Red Rocks. All these people running around w/ the peace symbol abover their heads calling out “need a miracle”. Little did I know what that meant at the time. Ah, I learned so much on tour.

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