Posted by: Cory | April 15, 2008

Kim Sorise on Viva Radio

Louisville’s own DJ Kim Sorise is playing phase one of a three phase event, known as the Back on Track tour, being held by Viva Radio.  She’s put together a little series of pieces called SoundHouse that spans from Phil Collins to the Public Image Ltd. to Battles.  The trek is going alongside and presumably being co-hosted by everyone’s favorite clothing line, American Apparel.  Viva Radio is the official internet radio station of American Apparel, so what that means is when you’re in New York or London or wherever you happen to stop in at an AA, you might be closer to home than you realize, because you might be listening to something Kim put together.  Also, if you need to do some shopping, the Viva kids will be at the clifton store.

The lineup for the night comprises DJ Pete Fosco, Rob Low (Uptown Flow DJs/ Young Toughs), Kim Sorise (SoundHouse), Neil J. Molitoris (Get Low!), Glen Szabo (Absinthe & Presents) + MC Tedward

The doors open at 9 PM & costs nothing if you’re 21 or have a great fake.  It’s $3 for you kids 18-20 yr old.

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