Posted by: Nick | April 4, 2008

Laromlab Takes 5 for Kentucky

The Official Take 5 Series starts next week, but we had received this response from Laromlab aka Brandon Harrod, who has recently been revealed as a fraud. Given these developments regarding “his” music, we decided to post his interview early and separate from the others. One of the answers that we found particularly interesting was when he said the reason he changed his name to Laromlab was to prevent people from thinking he was ripping off another artist (ironic). Here is what he had to say…

1. What community did you grow up in?

I grew up in Frankfort,KY and moved to Bowling Green when I was 18. Frankfort is a small town without any semblance of a music scene and Bowling Green doesn’t have much of one either but it has more than Frankfort, that is for sure!

2. When did you start playing? Did you have a different name?

I started out in 1998 with the name Kid 8 But and played shows with that name for about 2 or 3 years and when I moved to Chicago I wanted to change my name because I thought people would think I was a kid606 ripoff(which I was hahaha) so I went through a bunch of names and then decided to switch it to Laromlab(which is Balmoral backwards) and that is the street I lived on in Chicago. So I repped my hood and got a funky shape shifting name!

3. First show you played in Kentucky?

The first show I played in KY under the name Laromlab was a drunken romp in a coffee house here in Bowling Green. I was living in Chicago at the time and came back to visit friends. A girl I worked with had given me a huge bottle of Absolut and I decided to try and drink it all that night. I don’t remember very much about the show but I know that I insulted some old guy and hit my head on the microphone everytime I went to talk into it. And then disappeared into the darkness.

4. First show outside of Kentucky…how did you book it?

I can’t really remember what my first show outside of Kentucky was but it was probably at a house show in Bloomington,IN where no one really knew who I was and only one guy knew I was coming. But when I got there we blew the roof off of the place and everyone was dancing their asses off! We had a blast and then partied it up! I think some metal bands played after us but it didnt really seem like anyone noticed and I felt kinda bad about it!

5. Favorite Kentucky band?

There are alot: Nappy Roots, KY Prophet, Paris Airshow Disaster, Commander, and some others you’ve never heard of. :)



  1. It was an April Fools prank. They got me, since I didn’t read about it till the 2nd, and was off guard. But he’s not a fraud.

  2. Hmmm…actually maybe I just wanted to think it was an April Frools prank. Oh well.

  3. the chump is a fraud. fuck him, and check out the original source – the ym rockerz

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