Posted by: Cory | March 28, 2008

Ferdinand Fox Confirmed for Forecastle 2008

Ferdinand Fox is now confirmed for Forecastle 2008. As of now, their set for the after party on the 27th, which is going to be going on downtown. Ferdinand Fox have made their love for Louisville apparent in recent months, playing an OVCE benefit last September and most recently on March 20th (review). Also, FF played the Halfway to Forecastle, but a late time slot and some complications with Headliners and the Fire Marshal ended up with a less than full audience. However, they’re an incredibly entertaining band, blending nearly every staple genre into a cohesive set all their own…even when performing covers of Young MC or the Soft Cell. You never really know what to anticipate with these guys…while one set might be an all out rock show, the next one might be a more dancey or hip-hop set. However, the constants that you get with these guys are matching suits, energy, and a lot of fun. I highly encourage using your bathroom breaks for some other band…because these guys are really worth checking out…

Also Confirmed:
People Noise
Method Man

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