Posted by: Cory | March 13, 2008

Paradigm’s Tour Woes

Paradigm is out on tour right now & haven’t had the best of luck, considering the snow storm we’ve been enduring. They’re writing a tour blog from the road, The Outward Spiral and have filled us in on their tour woes. First they ran into snow troubles and then their van broke down. After waiting in the snow for AAA to arrive, they had canceled their first two shows in Bolton, VT & Allston, MA. Once the van was fixed, the heater broke as a result of the radiator being shot (causing them to cancel the NYC show). Three days into their tour, they were only four hours away in Columbus. Finally, as the van was fixed for the second time, and as the weather cleared, they managed to make it up to upstate New York. As it is 10 o’clock at the time of writing this post & they’ve not updated their blog with any further misfortune, we can presume they have gotten to Burlington, VT for tonight’s show. Let’s all hope the stars align tonight & that things get back on track for the band.

Keep up to date with news from the tour as it moves along through The Outward Spiral. They’ve only got a few more gigs lined up before heading home, so hopefully they can rebook the missed gigs. The circumstances really suck for them, but it’s sort of one of those quintessential “first tour” stories…reminds me of an old Bouncing Souls song from when I was a kid (lyrics).

Mar 8 – Bolton Valley Ski Resort Bolton Valley, Vermont
Mar 9 – O’Brien’s Pub Allston, Massachusetts
Mar 10 – Shrine New York, New York

Mar 12 – Red Square Burlington, Vermont
Mar 13 – The Big Easy Portland, Maine
Mar 14 – Mr. Beery’s Bethpage, New York
Mar 21 – Headliners, Louisville
Mar 29 – Lynagh’s Lexington
Apr 12 – Deerhead Tavern Evansville, Indiana
May 23 – Pop’s Blue Moon St. Louis, Missouri
Jun 27 – The Double Door Charlotte, North Carolina

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