Posted by: Nick | March 10, 2008

Sub-Urban Situation & Jamili Brown @ Wick’s on Baxter – 3/14

I always forget about Wick’s on Baxter when I’m looking for live music, and I shouldn’t because they bring in a lot of great local talent, especially on the weekends. Case-in-point is this Friday, March 14th. Wick’s will be hosting locals Sub-Urban Situation and Jamili Brown. Cory got his hands on a copy of Jamili Brown’s 2007 album, Dayz of Thunder, and I keep pulling it up on my playlist. It is just solid hip-hop. Sub-Urban Situation describes their sound as Alternative R&B. An interesting combo, but it works. Combine that with a pitcher of beer and a late-night pizza and you are all set. Show starts at 10pm.

Band Videos below…

Sub-Urban Situation on WFPK’s Live Lunch

Jamili Brown- Blackbird (the beatles)


  1. hey guys,
    just to kind of re-itterate what i said on myspace…thanks for the write up and thanksfor supporting local indie groups like ourselves..if there is anything we can do to help you all spread the word of this page, let us know..
    greg “trip” and sub-urban situation

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