Posted by: Cory | February 28, 2008

The Muggabears @ Gypsy Hut – 3/6


The Brooklyn-based trio The Muggabears are coming to the Gypsy Hut on March 6th as though you didn’t have enough to do that month. They describe themselves as playing “a structurally-mutilated brand of noise-pop featuring blissful interplay, sonic experimentation and song destruction” which seems like a lot to digest, but it turns out it goes down pretty easy. Their latest release, Night Choreography, is a beautiful 7 song EP released in April of last year. Expect a smallish crowd, but a really good show at the Gypsy Hut.

The Muggabears – Dead Kid Kicks

For a full tour schedule,
Tour Schedule:
Feb 29: Skidmore, Saratoga Springs NY
March 1: Princeton U, Princeton NJ
March 2: Copy Gallery, Philly PA
March 3: Red & The Black, Wash DC
March 4: Tower 2012, Cleveland OH
March 5: People Projects, Chicago IL
March 6 Gypsy Hut, Cincinnati OH
March 7 Local Honey, Nashville TN
March 8 Buccaneer, Memphis TN
March 9 Blood Onion, Atlanta GA
March 11 Tulane, New Orleans LA
March 14 Ms. Bea’s, Austin TX
March 14 1024 E. 44th St, Austin TX
March 15 Sloppyworld, Dallas TX
March 16 J & J’s, Denton TX
March 18 The Deli, Norman OK
March 21 JJ’s, Chattanooga TN

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