Posted by: Cory | February 25, 2008

Review: Ultra Pulverize & Wax Fang @ Headliners – 2/22

This night presented several firsts for me, two of which were in seeing each of Ultra Pulverize & Wax Fang.

Ultra Pulverize are nuts. I mean this in the most sincere & flattering way, because what they are doing is an entire sort of post-modern sensory overload of sound and visual. I absolutely love it. These guys incorporate a robotic theme into their show that I can’t help but be reminded as much of Flight of the Conchords as Daft Punk & was partly waiting for them to break out into “The Humans are Dead“. They bring a sort of goofiness/geekiness to the stage, but their music is really fun and is actually quite good.

The fans loved them also, which was bolstered by the singer asking “Who is down with OCP?” I assumed he was misquoting Naughty by Nature, until he broke a couple boxes of Oatmeal Creme Pies and started throwing them out into the audience. It was strangely fitting for the young crowd and robot theme to be eating Oatmeal Creme Pies and although I got one, I gave it away nevertheless.

Next up was the main attraction: Wax Fang. Wax Fang has a sort of Americana Indie Rock vibe that makes me look forward to the future of Louisville music. They have that smell of “the next big thing” and their energy on stage and quality of their latest release La La Land reinforces that.

Their stage presence was wonderful and playful. Their bassist, Jake Heustis, had the presence of a heavy metal rocker from the mid-80s with long hair and a forcefulness that was entertaining rather than abrasive. He just looked like he really enjoyed playing. Or maybe its that he just feels success trailing him, and starting to catch up. SXSW doesn’t hurt.

Scott Carney had the presence of a musician who has made it. Maybe it was just playing in front of his hometown, but he was comfortable and felt at ease doing what he does. His southern accent adorned the sort of sound you’d find Pitchfork going nuts over. These kids aren’t just Louisville good. These kids are good in the broadest sense of the word. Scott seemed to grab whatever he could to play, from using a Theremin (a device using radio oscillators to create a high frequency pitch by moving his hand nearer and farther away from it) that he somehow managed to play well…to using expired drum sticks to strum his guitar.

I know I’m late with this being my first show, but I look forward to so much more from these guys…

For loads of pictures from the show,

Ultra Pulverize

Wax Fang


  1. That “radio” thing you speak of is a Theremin.

  2. Awesome Pics Cory, really captures the show. I think you’re a Canon guy where I’m a Nikonian. I’m still curious as to what lens you’re shooting with…

    Great writing as well!

  3. nice photos.
    do you have a set list?

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