Posted by: Nick | February 24, 2008

Louisville Benefits from WOXY Lounge Acts

Listen to these bands on WOXY‘s Lounge Acts here

2/27 Say Hi 4:00pm
2/29 Hotpipes 3:00pm
3/4 Headlights 4:30pm
3/20 Mussels 4:00pm
3/21 The Big Sleep 4:00pm
3/24 John Vanderslice 12:00pm
4/28 Finest Dearest 1:00pm

Then see them live here (one of the benefits of having one of the best internet radio stations so close)

Feb 16- The Headlights (Void Skateshop, Lex)

Feb 27- Say Hi To Your Mom (Gypsy Hut, Cincy)

Mar 8- Hotpipes (Ear x-tacy, 6pm)

Mar 8- Hotpipes & The Photographic (Pour Haus)

Mar 18- Mussels (MagBar)

Mar 23- John Vanderslice (Southgate House)

Apr 12- The Big Sleep (Bogarts, Cincy)

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