Posted by: Cory | February 18, 2008

Wax Fang Interview

The guys over at There’s Nothing Quite Like the Blinding Light have done a really good interview with Scott Carney of Wax Fang. NQL is based out of Chicago, but one of the contributors, Matt Fara, has a Louisville connection.

Here’s a sample:

nql: How has the music scene in Louisville changed since you returned home after college?

SC: When I first moved home, there was a collective of bands and musicians that operated under the name Debauchery Records. It was with some of these bands that I got my first shows when I was starting out. There seemed to be a lot of promise with a few of these groups in particular, but then the whole thing sort of fell apart. That is the last I’ve seen of a true musical community existing here, though, I don’t get out much nowadays, so I’m a bit at a loss. What I can say is that Louisville has had a great, eclectic music scene for some time now, from the beautiful guitar layering of the Photographic to the Caribbean funk punk of the Lucky Pineapple to the thrash psychadelia of the Slow Break to the mellow jams of the Fervor, to name a few.


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