Posted by: Cory | February 17, 2008

Cherry Bomb is Moving (again)

Cherry Bomb is moving (again). This will be Cherry Bomb’s last week at their current location at 960 Baxter Avenue, so they’re having a mega sale of sorts from February 17-February 23, wherein many items are $1 – $5. The more they sale, the less they have to transport. They seem to not be able to make up their mind, and honestly I preferred the look and feel of the old location to the new one (having taken over the old hair salon that had moved out). The new location opens March 1st at 1602 Bardstown Rd (by Bonnycastle). I’m pretty upset by this because I was able to just walk across the street, but it seems that the Bonnycastle area is where things are really happening; more so than the Baxter Ave. intersect. Get some goods, and send them on their way down the road.


  1. It is always good to move less stuff. Much easier on the back. Good luck in the new location.

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