Posted by: Nick | February 14, 2008

I LOVE Louisville is for Lovers Vol. 8 (get yours now!)

At dinner tonight my girlfriend told me that she bought me the male equivalent of flowers. My first guess was a 12-pack of Stella. Wrong. My second guess was a CD or DVD. She confirmed this suspicion and immediately I knew it was this year’s Louisville is for Lovers CD. Upon seeing my excitement, she responded, “See, I do read your blog.” I’ve been listening to it non-stop since then.

The eighth installment of the Louisville is for Lovers annual music compilation (released on February 5th) is a must own for lovers of Louisville’s local music (and a should own for everyone else). Check out the, very impressive, list of contributors to this year’s CD below. While it is like picking your favorite relative, there are two tracks that definitely stand out. My favorite is The Mack and Teneia Sanders’ “A Lover for the Night.” Picture a funky Roger Waters, with a simple but catchy beat and a bluesy female vocal compliment (lots of y’s). A very close second was Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s “Get Your Hands Dirty.” If his talent wasn’t as established and expected, it probably would have been my favorite track. It is simply a beautiful song. Go get yours while they are still available. [Note: A Snow Monster song may or may not be a bonus track on the album].

To celebrate, there is a CD release party scheduled for TODAY, Friday, February 15th at The Pour Haus. Phantom Family Halo, One Small Step, The Mack, Chemic, Axel, Big Time Band and Saredren Wells are scheduled to play. The cost of the show is only $5.


  1. Axel, “Bulldozer”
  2. Chemic, “Master’s House”
  3. Surplus Elks, “If You Never Show”
  4. Tamara Dearing, “Give it Away”
  5. Love Cartel, “You Belong to Me”
  6. The Mack w/ Teneia Sanders, “A Lover for the Night”
  7. Warlock, Head and Gristle, “That’s How It Goes (when all your friends are crows)”
  8. One Small Step, “Thanksgiving (no ware)”
  9. Whistle Peak, “Souvenir”
  10. Saredren Wells, “Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me?”
  11. Bonnie “Prince” Billy, “Get Your Hands Dirty”
  12. Pure Dirt, “Life of a Rose”
  13. Big Time Band, “Part Time Preacher”
  14. Phantom Family Halo, “Young Lovers and People Who Die”
  15. Gallery Singers, “Jets and Sunshine”
  16. Boundless and Starstruck, “Letting Out is Letting In”
  17. ?

Order it here for $10 bucks (Only 500 made, so get it early)

Louisville is For Lovers Vol. 8 CD Release Party @ The Pour Haus, 2/15



  1. “At dinner tonight my girlfriend told me that she bought me the male equivalent of flowers. My first guess was a 12-pack of Stella.”

    Classy, Nick. Cl-assy.

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