Posted by: Cory | January 29, 2008

Louisville Queer Art Opening @ Derby City Espresso

This Friday is the First Friday Gallery Hop & Derby City Espresso is presenting a group of Artists from 6-9pm fundraising for the Henry Wallace Brigade‘s Cuba trip, featuring:

  • George Shoopman,
  • Krista Hauss,
  • Brenton Fisher,
  • Whit Forrester,
  • Red,
  • Sonja DeVries,
  • Ashley Helm
  • Shelby Lattis. 

Music for the event is going to be provided by DJ Sonic Meditation.

ALSO, premier of Bluegrass Brewing Company’s new Derby City Espresso Stout!!!!

If you have to miss this night, the gallery is staying on during opening hours until February 29, with a closing party from 6pm-9pm.

Here is a statement from DCE:

We are kicking off the beginning of a series of showings by queer artists starting with this fundraiser for the Henry Wallace Brigade’s trip to Cuba. Some of the artists are showing this work for the first time in a public setting due to the sometimes controversial nature of queer representation in both the media and art world of Louisville, KY. Donations are encouraged at the door THOUGH NOT REQUIRED. Artists will be present on February 1st along with entertainment with art that runs the gamut from mixed media, to video installation, photography, charcoal and more. Almost all of the proceeds will be going towards getting our friends to Cuba and back! ALL are welcome, and additional information on the Henry Wallace Brigade will be available. Not to mention BBC’s newest stout!


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