Posted by: Nick | January 28, 2008

2008 Album Forecast- Louisville Bands


One Small StepAnother Shelter (Jan. 16)

Bonnie “Prince” BillyWilding in the West [Australian Import, Live] (Jan. 21)

Louisville is for Lovers Vol. 8 (Feb. 5)

Ultra PulverizeUnoriginals Get the Dose (Feb. 8)

Grinstead (Feb)

Alanna Fugate– (Feb. 29)

KinseyFair Weather as the Witness (Mar. 8)

The PhotographicPictures of a Changing World (Mar. 11)

D. MawlThe Lost 16 (Apr)

The Confessional (Apr)

My Morning JacketEvil Urges (June 10)

Brigid Kaelin– TBA (Summer)

The Muckrakers TBA (?)

Ever Constant SeaFor the Win or The Faded Four (?)

Lincoln and the Lost PrayersLanguage of the Night (early/mid year)

Nappy Roots– Interstate Music (?)

NOTE: If you are a local band or know a local band that has a CD releasing in ’08, let us know and we will add it to the list. As always, we give every disc we receive a spin (most of the time, a lot more than one)! Send us a copy here.


  1. No love for My Morning Jacket? Just because they are big time, doesn’t mean they aren’t still Louisvillians!

  2. Damn – just saw that it was up there…

    I am an idiot

  3. Don’t forget Brett Dennen.

  4. Brett Dennen is from California, but he does have an album coming out this summer.

  5. What about “Nick Hart is My Hero” my side-side project. The album consists of essentially a bunch of recordings of me talking about how cool Nick is and how I’d like to just be near him but not in a gay way just in a way that, you know, two dude friends do. an excerpt:

    (Sound of a bus going by.)

    Me: You know this one time I was in the back of Nick’s car and i smelled all of his gym clothes and then he got upset about it. But you know that’s okay because it’s good to set up certain parameters with people before you can really get to know them.

    (long awkward silence.)

    I guess what I’m really saying is that Nick uses Axe Body Spray.

    The album comes out on…Nick’ BIRTHDAY, of course.

  6. Sorry…TAG body spray is much more pleasing to the olfactory senses. Especially the New Jersey-Disco-Sweat/Mountain Breeze blend. Fantastic.

  7. Nick, you can deny all you want to. but i know the truth.

    PS – I kept a sweat sock

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