Posted by: Nick | December 30, 2007

LCD Soundsystem’s “Sound of Silver” Unlistenable?

In this week’s Velocity, editor, David Daley, provided an insightful comment on “unlistenable” albums appearing on the year-end music lists of hipsters. His comment, in list form, is provided below. Daley clearly did his homework and couldn’t be more right about the first seven albums on his list (8/9 are debatable). His point is made with a single album: Panda Bear’s “Person Pitch.” If you can make it all the way through, listen to Panda Bear’s song “Bros” (one of the most hyped tracks on the album). I kept looking for the genius everyone else saw, but it was no where to be found. “Person Pitch” topped Pitchfork’s list, a move I’m still baffled by (see here for another Pitchfork foul). Interestingly, Panda Bear is Noah Lennox’s side project, but he is also a member of Animal Collective, whose album “Strawberry Jam” was #2 on Daley’s list.

While I appreciate Daley’s list, and largely agree with and appreciate his analysis, I have to take issue with the inclusion of LCD Soundsystem’s “Sound of Silver.” (Cory would probably add Lekman, #8, to the objections…sample). Not only is “Sound of Silver” listenable, it made both of our Top Ten lists (scout’s honor). Their amazing show at Louisville’s Waterfront Park may have influenced our decisions, but this album deserves the hype. A few taste tests:

LCD Soundsystem- Someone Great
LCD Soundsystem- All My Friends
LCD Soundsystem- New York I Love You

I’m not saying you are crazy if “Sound of Silver” is not on your Top Ten list, only that to put it in the same category as Panda Bear, Les Savy Fev, and Animal Collective (this year), is not fair to LCD Soundsystem or to those who appreciate their new album.

Nit-picking on one album that appears at the bottom of an otherwise accurate list probably doesn’t appear cool, but it was on my best-of list and I had to defend it.

10 Unlistenable Albums Lying Hipsters Put on Year-End Lists to Appear Cool

1. Panda Bear, “Person Pitch”

2. Animal Collective, “Strawberry Jam”

3. Deerhunter, “Cryptograms”

4. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, “Some Loud Thunder”

5. Mark Ronson, “Version”

6. Devendra Banhart, “Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon”

7. Les Savy Fav, “Let’s Stay Friends”

8. Jens Lekman, “Night Falls Over Kortedala”

9. Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew, “Spirit If …”

10. LCD Soundsystem, “Sound of Silver”

— David Daley

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CORY: To make the same point, I posted LCD Soundsystem’s song “Someone Great” as 2007’s best song of the year (which I stand firmly behind), and “Sound of Silver” as the fourth best album of the year. When Arcade Fire/LCD Soundsystem came to town, I thought it was a LCD Soundsystem show with Arcade Fire opening. I can only guess that David was joking when he made this list & I’ll bite my tongue on the rest of it.

Other, more suitable albums for the list:

Dan Deacon- Spiderman of the Rings (Not for everyone, but we will be at his 1/26 show in Chicago. More entertaining live than “listenable”).

Kanye West- Graduation (Appreciate his effort, and sometimes catchy, but WAY OVER-HYPED).

Rilo Kiley- Under the Blacklight (listen to The Moneymaker if you dare)


  1. Thanks for hotlinking an mp3 ;).

    Rilo Kiley’s Under The Blacklight I would have to disagree with. It’s actually uncool to list Under The Blacklight because it was bashed by a lot of publications. It really wasn’t that bad and Moneymaker was the worst track on the album imo.

    I remember finding LCD soundsystem unlistenable. I don’t know what I would say now but it wasn’t my style of music and it still isn’t. Person Pitch eventually won me over.

    I would agree that most of the list is very difficult to listen to.

    I would probably disagree with Les Savy Fav’s Lets Stay Friends. It is arguably one of the easiest things to listen to. It gets shelled for not being anything other then average and not musically inventive.

    It’s really just a list to rile people up.

  2. […] While I appreciate Daley’s list, and largely agree with and appreciate his analysis, I have to take issue with the inclusion of LCD Soundsystem’s “Sound of Silver.” (Cory would probably add Lekman, #8, to the objections…sample). … Read More […]

  3. Yeah. Les Savy Fav isn’t unlistenable. At least according to my older brother who lives in my mom’s basement in Owensboro after he got kicked out of RISD. You’re right.

  4. Lawl, Animal Collective and Panda Bear are some of my favorite musicians.
    Their albums are so peaceful and relaxing.

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