Posted by: Nick | December 5, 2007

ENCORE! Another Home Grown Music Series Concert (Sort of…)

Home Grown Music Series Bonus

    Wax Fang will be headlining this weeks Home Grown Music Series (Wrap Party) at 4th Street’s Angel’s Rock Bar.  While I’m glad Wax Fang is coming back to the Ville (after playing at the Dame in Lex on Thursday), this installment will be unlike all of the rest.  For starters, it is not on the street…it is in Angel’s Rock Bar and they will be charging a cover ($5).  Perhaps they thought the billing would fuel a good showing after the popularity of the previous concerts.  Regardless, Wax Fang is putting on another show (they just played Headliners on Nov. 17) and at $5 bucks, it is a steal.

(Kory over at 37Flood loves this band and has some good downloads…check it out if you haven’t heard the Fang yet)

Also, How I Became the Bomb is opening.  They are from Murfreesboro, Tennessee…so not exactly home grown, but they are touring with Wax Fang, so we get the combo.

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