Posted by: Cory | November 24, 2007

Tonight: Stop Making Sense

this is just a re-post reminder of tonight’s showing of Stop Making Sense, the Talking Heads movie, tonight at Baxter theatre.

Stop Making Sense, the 1984 film about the Talking Heads is going to be at the Midnight Showing at Baxter Theatre on Nov. 24. The film is just a concert, but shot in a very unique way & not your typical MTV style. Grab your big suit, and head to the theatre then.

The Setlist for the movie is:

Set 1
Psycho Killer
Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
Love -> Building On Fire (Love Goes To Building On Fire)
The Book I Read
Slippery People
Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)
Burning Down The House
Life During Wartime

Set 2
Making Flippy Floppy
What A Day That Was
This Must be the Place (Naïve Melody)
Once In A Lifetime
Big Business / I Zimbra
Houses In Motion
Genius Of Love
Girlfriend Is Better
Take Me To The River
Crosseyed And Painless

Talking Heads (from Stop Making Sense) – Psycho Killer

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