Posted by: Nick | November 20, 2007

Wax Fang Rocks Ear-x-tacy- 11/20

Wax Fang @ Ear-x-tacy


Wax Fang followed up their Saturday Headliners show with an in store set tonight at Ear-x-tacy (Sorry for the camera work…Cory was at Feist with the new camera). They were promoting the release of their new album, La La Land. A ton of people showed up to support this local band:

Wax Fang @ Ear-x-tacy 2

The set was full of energy and drummer, Kevin Ratterman, kept a beat that was impossible to stand still to.

Wax Fang’s next stop will be in Lexington at CD Central (7pm) and The Dame (9pm) on December 6th. This will be a great show as J. Roddy Walston will be there with them (read more about J. Roddy)!

UPDATE: Kory at 37 Flood recorded the show and has some additional pics…check it out:

Archiving Wax Fang, Part II


  1. Hey man, I’ll be posting some photos as well as the recording from the earXtacy gig the other night pretty soon. Feel free to link it on your site as well. It was one of the best instores I’ve ever attended!

    You guys are doing a great job by the way.

  2. […] the billing would fuel a good showing after the popularity of the previous concerts.  Regardless, Wax Fang is putting on another show (they just played Headliners on Nov. 17) and at $5 bucks, it is a […]

  3. […] Rhymesayer Vandaveer (4/24) Aero Dan Kilian Scott Miller Ingrid Michaelson (Girls and Boys) Digby Wax Fang CunninLynguists Jose […]

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