Posted by: Nick | November 8, 2007

Dr. Dog @ Phoenix Hill Tavern…So So


Sorry for the late post on this one…I just wanted to make sure I had a clear mind when deciding if I liked the show or not. It was tough to decide, but in the end, I think I enjoyed the show. Here are the pros and cons:


  1. The opening band, Delta Spirit was a pleasant surprise. Delta Spirit- Streetwalker
  2. Dr. Dog played longer than expected (PHT had them scheduled for a single hour…they played for about an hour and a half…including encore waiting time).
  3. Dr. Dog was coming off a Letterman appearance (see video below) and had more of a big band swagger, in a small venue.
  4. No real let down with the set list (see below)…new CD played almost in its entirety (8 of 13…and others were highlights of previous albums)
  5. Show was within walking distance of my house (obviously not generally applicable)


  1. The show was at a sub-par venue, Phoenix Hill Tavern (small stage, no dancing area…more like a dinner theater, poor acoustics, PHT Security always looks on orange alert or red alert- I can never tell the difference, does “you know” count as a point?)
  2. Show was $15. I think this is a little over priced for this venue and the star power of the band. I may be a little harsh on this point, but I saw The National at Headliners at this price.
  3. Stage presence could have been better. There was some banter with the crowd, but they mostly just hopped around on stage. I just think their music is better than that.
  4. This isn’t really a con, just a small disappointment. They didn’t play “Heart it Races.” Granted, it is a cover of an Architecture in Helsinki song, but THEY DO IT BETTER (you be the judge…click here for MP3). I spoke with their drummer, Justin Stens, after the show and he told me that they have never played this song live. His reasoning was that “it wasn’t their song.” The song, however, is on their myspace page. Your general audience is going to listen to your myspace songs to get an idea about the band’s sound. On top of that, put out their cover of “Heart it Races” as a download. DMB will play “All Along The Watchtower” (sorry for the DMB reference); The Clash played “I Fought the Law”; Aretha and “Respect”; …bite the bullet Dr. Dog and play this song live (Cory, does the “Fair Use” exception apply?). Discussion topic…false advertising or maintaining band image?

Like I said…the show was, as a whole, a good time. Here is the set list (image coming soon):

  1. Worst Trip
  2. Ain’t it Strange
  3. Alaska (click for MP3)
  4. The Way the Lazy Do
  5. Fate
  6. Oh No
  7. The World May Never Know
  8. Keep a Friend
  9. From
  10. The Pretender
  11. The Girl
  12. My Old Ways
  13. Die, Die, Die

Tour Dates:

Nov 6 – Fletcher’s Baltimore, MD*
Nov 7 – Rock and Roll Hotel DC, Washington DC*
Nov 8 – Maxwell’s Hoboken, New Jersey*
Nov 9 – Bowery Ballroom New York, New York*
Nov 10 – Theater of the Living Arts Philadelphia*
Dec 11 – The Zoo – Dew Process Party Brisbane
Dec 13 – Oxford Arts Factory Sydney
Dec 16 – Northcote Social Club Melbourne

* with Delta Spirit

“My Old Ways” on Letterman…notice the hopping


  1. Overall a pretty fair assessment of the show. Not being well versed in Dr. Dogg songs, but loving Heart it Races, made the show very disappointing for me. I also thought it was odd that they clearly “expected” to be called back for an encore. The show wasn’t that good. The only reason I cheered was so they would come back and play Heart it Races. Talk about a double disappointment. As far as Delta Spirit goes, I didn’t get to see their entire set, but I LOVED the last song they played (wish I had the name of it). I’d like to see where that band goes. The one major plus of the show….PHT gave me (and all the other girls in the audience) a free rose. How romantic Phoenix Hill…..

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