Posted by: Cory | November 7, 2007

The Mountain Goats @ The Mad Hatter – Nov. 13 ($14 – all ages)

The Mountain Goats are coming to the Mad Hatter on Tuesday, Nov. 13. I’ve not been to this venue yet, but it seems great as its also hosting The Queers, Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s, Electric Six, and Le Loup in the next month. From the first time I’d heard Lion’s Teeth, I was hooked. Who can pass up a line like “In come the cops….they blowtorch the door” ??

The Mountain Goats – Entebbe
The Mountain Goats – Adair
The Mountain Goats – An Inscription At Solonae
The Mountain Goats – There Will Always Be An Ireland
The Mountain Goats – No Children
The Mountain Goats – Stars Fell on Alabama
The Mountain Goats – Live Show in Springfield, IL on 8.23.03 (50 min)

Find more mp3s HERE.


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