Posted by: Cory | October 31, 2007

Young Guns of Comedy @ Pink Door – This Friday!

The Young Guns of Comedy are back in town, doing their thang at the Pink Door. I’ve seen some of these guys individually (I’m sure of having seen the cat on the far right of the top pic) & while Dario (bosnian kid 3rd from the right on the top) is a buddy of mine, my recommendation of his show shouldn’t be treated as being familial…..this kid is ridiculous. Nevertheless, I’ve met all of these guys out at one stage or another, and while I haven’t seen them all together, I intend to change that this weekend (thank God its on Friday….Saturday is dedicated to my dearest Holly). While you’re there…I suggest the blueberry tea with vodka. Just don’t be a homophobe & maybe you’ll get an extra stiff (poor word choice) drink.



  1. Love the site. Wish I had found it earlier. Will be a frequent visitor to find out the comings and goings in the region. You kick ass!

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