Posted by: Cory | October 17, 2007

Man Man @ The Dame – Oct. 13

one part indie rock show, one part ape show….all parts amazing.

(A new friend of mine should soon be providing me with the pictures very soon, but before the show is too far in the past, I wanted to post my thoughts, so I’m stealing You Ain’t No Picasso‘s pic for the time being)

How often can you go to a concert and find people dressed as though they just came out of a fruit-of-the-loom audition? There were two guys at last nights show wearing full banana suits, another person with balloons taped to his body (grapes) and a fourth person who just wore a pair of the glasses with the fake nose/mustache.

If you’ve never seen a man man show, there are several things you need to know. First, the center stage isn’t just dominated by the singer, but rather is split with the keyboard and drum set facing one another. Such a structure invites either a competitive performance or a truly integrated one and this show seemed to provide a good amount of both with the two playing off of one another. In the back you will find instruments including a xylophone, a medlodica, a clavinet, a euphonium, pots and pans.

In addition to the array of instrumentation, the band wore white war paint and all white tennis-pro looking attire.

These guys are nuts, but they pull it off SO WELL!

I was too in to dancing to recall which songs were played, but I cannot recommend strongly enough that you see this band live the next opportunity you have. Matt over at You Ain’t No Picasso posted one of the new tracks they performed, Zombie. Also, I’d like to congratulate him on making PC Magazine’s Top 100 blogs.

Also, the next band to be looking out for is the other guys who played alongside man man last night….both local boys Wax Fang and The Extraordinaries. I missed Wax Fang, but the Extraordinaries set was very man man like, and VERY enjoyable.


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