Posted by: Nick | October 5, 2007

McDonald’s case verdict: $7.2M

The McDonalds verdict is in…Louise Ogborn received $6.1M & Donna Summers received $1.1M

The full story is available at Courier Journal, but for the basics

In Bullit County in April of 2004, a hoax call was made to a Mt. Washington McDonald’s location wherein the caller claimed to be a police officer investigating a theft. The “suspect” was Louise Ogborn, an 18 year old employee. Donna Summers was the manager on duty and conducted a strip search, but called her then boyfriend to handle the situation further. During the encounter, the boyfriend was told to force Ogborn to go down on him. Well, as anyone with common sense would have realized from very early on, the call was a hoax.

Naturally, Ogborn sued. The claim was that McDonald’s should have instituted a policy of what to do in the case of prank callers pretending to be police officers. The hoax had occurred before but the details on that are fuzzy as to who knew what and what stores were called. In the end, the jury saw a girl taken advantage of and a megacorporation with mega-deep pockets and so they gave her some of that money to the tune of $6.1M.

Amazingly, Summers also sued because she claimed not to have known how to handle the situation since it wasn’t in the handbook. Despite the fact that stripsearches are never OK to conduct and bringing her boyfriend in to deal with the 18 yr old naked girl in clear violation of company policy, she got a claim of relief as well in the nature of $1.1M.

Of course boyfriend didn’t get off the hook, he went to jail for sexual abuse. Her boyfriend gets jail & she gets $1.1M…Justify that to yourself.


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