Posted by: Cory | September 26, 2007

Beejeezus Release Party


Bejeezus release party will be on October 6th @ 10pm at the Rudyard Kipling in Louisville. Mark your calendars. Music by One Small Step, Kentucky Prophet, and The Slow Break. We have other fun things planned for the night too. More details soon. 

Bejeezus 9 is out now.  I’m pretty sure the first so many get a free copy.


  1. […] Pink Door this Friday. Cost of admission is $5 & show starts at 10. I saw the Slow Break at the Beejeezus release party, and I was pretty impressed. Go check them out before you head to […]

  2. […] playing at Lisa’s Oak Street Lounge (21+). I saw One Small Step late last year at the Beejeezus 9 release party. Just a guy and a girl, a guitar and a synth, and its simple, beautiful and really good. I honestly […]

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