Posted by: Cory | June 29, 2007

400 Club @ Asiatique

Since this is blog is meant to about Louisville, and what’s going on……This saturday, June 30, Asiatique is having a party by the 400 club. The theme is is “Celebration of Black Music Month” from 11pm – 4am.

Invited guests include Darnell Levine & Nappy Roots, so maybe they’ll be there (there were others, but I don’t recognize them). I saw Darnell perform with Saul Williams back in February & put on a really good show, and afterwards I talked to him & he’s a pretty cool guy too.

Anyway, give the party a shot…..Black artists have contributed so much to the music that most of us listen to whether its rock or some form of hip hop, and it deserves celebration…

It’s free with a RSVP:


  1. I am very interested in attending the White Chocolate event on September 2nd I haven’t been able to attend any of the events but I will definately make it to this one

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