Posted by: Cory | June 4, 2007

The DollyRots @ 3rd Street Dive

The Dolly Rots

Kelly Ogden, Chris Black, and Luis Cabezas (collectively The Dollyrots) were in Louisville this past weekend at the Third Street Dive, supporting their new album “Because I’m Awesome” released on Blackheart Records. The Dollyrots have a sound that reminded me of somewhere between the Bouncing Souls and Screeching Weasel, which is no surprise considering they released their first record on Lookout! The sound was very pop punk, which fit in well at 3rd Street with its punkish feel. It surprised me to see how many of the girls in the crowd knew the lyrics & were just singing along. The crowd (mostly girls) were all young & the band felt young as well, with what I can only call high school theatrics at times in their performance. The lead guitarist was too emo for the rest of the band & I think has to lose some credibility with the band’s fan-base. That said, he was a really good guitarist. The drummer was really good from a technical standpoint…nothing flashy, just really solid drumming. The focus was of course on Kelly, who had a great voice and sang a very doo-wop pop punk style that reminded me some of the Queers. At one point the band sounded as though they’d gotten very tired, but the energy picked up nicely. Honestly, I felt like for a band that seemed to be so young that I was hearing something very important. Sometimes music can just give you that feeling….like you’re witnessing something important.

I talked with Kelly after the show and she was really friendly and cool. She told me they hailed from LA, but that they come to Louisville as a result of having met the Dead City Rejects a few years ago on tour and had become friends.

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